Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Helping our hotels grow and shine collectively! 

As acting Chief Executing Officer, I have taken great pride in campaigning for the interest of Greater Montréal’s hotel industry as well as its long term, sustainable growth. In doing so, I am privileged to collaborate with accomplished professionals from various fields, all committed to support our hotels, raise awareness about our concerns among public and private institutions, and publicize our substantial impact on Greater Montréal’s economy.

As you browse through this website, I hope you get a sense of our passion, expertise and innovative nature! Our 87 members are a sharp reflection of Montréal’s legendary sense of hospitality, cutting-edge business sense, creativity and unequaled joie de vivre.

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Eve Paré

About the Greater Montréal Hotel Association

The Hotel Association of Greater Montreal brings together leaders of the Montreal hotel industry. It plays a key role as a driving force and representative for its members, who are indispensable to the growth and development of tourism and the economy.
The AHGM engages, informs and supports its members through the promotion of practices that meet the highest standards of excellence in the world.

Board of directors 2018-2019


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