• Established in 1994, Group Censeo manages more than 100 million of yearly premiums. 26 full time employees, highly qualified, passionate, conscientious and professional (including 12 actuaries) with an average of over 10 years of seniority.
  • Our vast experience, the scope of our expertise and our model of personalized analysis distinguish us from our competitors and guarantee our clients the best conditions on the market.
  • Our preventive approach is unique in the industry. Our main concern is the health of your employees. This is the reason why we created the Health Capsule, the leaflet “An optimal use of your drugs” and the Personalized Health Profile. These tools will help keep your employees informed on available ways to maintain a healthy physical and psychological life.
  • For more information, please visit our Website: www.groupecenseo.com.

Association Plan - Group Insurance and Group Annuity

  • The Plan has been in force for over 4 years with over 30 contracts and nearly 5 million in premiums.
  • Recurrent savings on costs based on the negotiated factors for the Association Plan.
  • Complete flexibility in the plan structure and choice of benefits.
  • Exclusive added value to the Association Plan (EAP, Travel cancellation, etc.).
  • Pricing reflecting in whole or in part the claims history and the demographics of each entity.
  • Flexibility in the type of plan in order to meet the different needs of each employer (group RRSP, DPSP, RRS, Group TFSA).
  • Customer service from Censeo through a team dedicated solely to the Association Plan.
  • For more information on the Association Plan or to request a quotation, please communicate with Mrs Marie-Josée Lefebvre at 450-973-8000 ext. 3074 or Mr Sébastien Gagnon at 514-826-0069.



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