Partnership between Greater Montreal hotels and La Tablée des Chefs


Montreal, September 24, 2014 – Celebrating 65 years of contributing to the growth of the Montreal tourism industry, the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal (AHGM) is proud to announce its new partnership with La Tablée des Chefs, which will further support the redistribution of food surpluses to community organizations in the metropolitan area.

An initiative with a proven track record

In formalizing the partnership, the AHGM hopes to boost the participation of Montreal hotels in the sustainable food brokerage service offered by La Tablée des Chefs. Established in 2007, this redistribution service is a simple, safe tool already used by many hotels in the Greater Montreal region to donate surplus food not served to hotel guests. Since 2010, the surpluses donated by hotels in the region have enabled La Tablée des Chefs to distribute 47,317 meals to Montreal area food banks.

“Reducing food waste is extremely important to the hotel industry, and eight members of the AHGM already call on the services of La Tablée des Chefs. They see it as an opportunity to contribute to the very worthwhile cause of feeding thousands of Montrealers in need while minimizing their own environmental footprint,” says Eve Paré, President and CEO of the AHGM.

In 2013 alone, the donating establishments using the sustainable food brokerage service redistributed a total of 246,172 meals across Canada.

Gaining momentum

The Hilton Bonaventure and Centre Sheraton Montreal were the first members of the AHGM to use the food brokerage service offered by La Tablée des Chefs during the program’s earliest days. In the years since then, six other AHGM members have joined the service. “The hotels in Greater Montreal were quick to realize that our model is proven and effective,” states Jean-François Archambault, CEO and Founder of La Tablée des Chefs.

“In 2010, we were awarded the Phénix de l’environnement, the Quebec Environment ministry’s highest environmental distinction. Since founding La Tablée des Chefs, we have seen our collaborators steadily increase, and it was essential to us that Montreal area hotels participate.”

La Tablée des Chefs offers a program to hotels in the metropolitan region that not only enables its partners to feed families in need, but that also helps raise awareness in the hospitality sector of the importance of holding environmentally responsible events. AHGM members who partner with La Tablée des Chefs gain access to the food brokerage service for all of the events held in their facilities.

65 years of contributing

It is within this spirit of social and environmental responsibility that the AHGM this year celebrates 65 years of contributing to the growth of the Montreal economy and tourism industry.

In 2012, an estimated $700 million was spent on accommodation in Montreal. Greater Montreal hotels are also major employers, with some AHGM member establishments providing jobs to more than 500 people. In all, the Montreal hotel industry generated almost 14,000 jobs in 2012.

“The economic contribution of the hotel industry in the metropolitan area is considerable, and our members are proud to participate in initiatives that help the Montreal community,” concludes Ms. Paré. AHGM members currently using the food brokerage service provided by La Tablée des Chefs: 

  • Centre Sheraton Montreal 
  • Hotel Mortagne 
  • Hilton Bonaventure 
  • Westin Montréal 
  • W Montréal 
  • Loews Hôtel Vogue 
  • Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile 
  • Delta Montréal About

La Tablée des Chefs

La Tablée des Chefs mobilizes chefs, cooks and pastry chefs in the fight against food insecurity by redistributing their food surpluses and sharing their culinary skills with young people to feed families in need and develop food self-sufficiency for future generations. (

About the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal Since 1949, the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal (AHGM) has represented and advocated for the Montreal hotel industry. In fulfilling this mission, the Association supports the many initiatives undertaken to promote the success and development of Montreal hotels. It also defends the interests of its members, who manage a combined 15,500 rooms and contribute significantly to the 47,000 jobs generated by the Montreal tourism industry.


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