01 Naxella

Naxella partners with AHGM to provide member hotels with the industry's best rates for payment solutions. As a broker, Naxella will define your needs and propose the best solution for processing your transactions. Transparency, simplicity and customer education are at the heart of their corporate values. Naxella makes a point of explaining the intricacies and functioning of the payment industry in order to help its customers make an informed choice.

Whether you use Opera, Micros, Fusebox, Shift4, Eigan or any other POS, Naxella will make sure to facilitate your reconciliation and transaction process with payment solutions integrated into your software already in place.

Simple, fast and efficient process.

  1. Assessment of your payment solution needs, either online, by phone or in person.
  2. Explanation of how the industry works.
  3. Proposal of a competitive offer with the lowest rates guaranteed.
  4. Checking your monthly merchant statement and benchmarking against your current processor if applicable. You will be able to see the potential savings.
  5. Obtaining the necessary information for the signature of the application.
  6. Reception of equipment, installation and training by a technician.

Naxella offers you an efficient 24/7 customer service as well as a technician dedicated to your account.