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Founded by Jean-François Archambault, La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit organization that feeds families in need and educates future generations by developing their food autonomy. In addition to providing a food surplus recovery service for HRI sector establishments, the organization offers culinary team building activities that add a social flavour to your events! When you hold an event in one of the organization’s two kitchens, you are helping to finance the culinary training of young people in Quebec, which in turn allows them to develop their food autonomy.

Since 2006, La Tablée des Chefs has provided a food surplus recovery service to a number of Hotel Association of Greater Montreal member hotels. Their partnership with the AHGM allows them to benefit from the association’s support to promote this service to member establishments. Together, they hope to encourage all the hotels in the Greater Montreal area to take action to reduce food waste by signing on to the Sustainable Food Brokerage Service. Any hotel wishing to adopt more eco-responsible practices by giving a second life to ready-to-eat food and allowing people in need to enjoy quality food can contact La Tablée des Chefs, who will handle all the logistics of recovering and redistributing surplus food. The process, which is approved by the MAPAQ, is a simple, safe and effective way to bring about positive impacts both on the environment and in the community. In 2014, 298,000 portions of food were distributed through the food aid network via La Tablée des Chefs’ Sustainable Food Brokerage Service. Establishments in several regions of Quebec, Alberta, Ontario and Mexico have signed to take part in the food recovery service.