01 Who are we?

Our mission

The Hotel Association of Greater Montreal brings together leaders in the Montreal hotel industry. We play an essential role in representing and being a driving force for our members, who are indispensable to the growth and development of tourist and economic activity.

The AHGM engages, informs and supports its members through the promotion of practices that meet the highest standards of excellence in the world.

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02 Strategic directions

1. Become the authoritative source of information and economic intelligence with regards to the hotel sector in Greater Montreal.

2. Expand the AHGM’s presence and strengthen dialogue with governmental and non-governmental partners.

3. Benefit from the expertise of its members to be able to command a stronger position in relation to issues of concern.

4. Develop strategic business partnerships based on added value, the group’s purchasing power and attractive advantages offered by the AHGM.

5. Ensure an ongoing, active sense of community involvement and provide increased networking opportunities to strengthen member engagement.

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03 Why become a member?

The association offers its members a multitude of benefits and privileges.

Discover them all in our section «become a member».

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04 Documentation


It is now possible to subscribe to the « veille stratégique » produced by the association. Send us your request by clicking here!

Feel free to consult this selection of documents* created by your association.

* french only


05 Team AHGM

Jean-Sébastien Boudreault, Chief executive officer

Élisabeth Sirois, Business Intelligence Analyst (replacing Coralie Lebon, Business Intelligence Manager, on maternity leave)

Marianne Morin, Member and Partner Services Coordinator


06 Major partners

The AHGM develops privileged relationships with industry partners and promotes the hotels of Greater Montreal.

  • Café Brossard

    Depuis 1950, Café Brossard se spécialise dans l’importation, la torréfaction et la distribution de café en grains ou moulu, pour les restaurants, hôtels et institutions. Chaque hôtel a des besoins spécifiques liés à la clientèle qu’il dessert. À partir de ce postulat, Café Brossard prend en charge l’achat, l’installation et le service de tous les équipements nécessaires à la bonne marche des opérations liées à la production et à la distribution du café par le personnel de l’établissement. Café Brossard est convaincu que tout doit se faire de façon fluide et cette conviction repose sur une expertise solide acquise au fil des décennies. Comme toute entreprise familiale, la satisfaction finale des clients reste la plus grande récompense.

  • Genatec

    For a hotel to run smoothly, several departments need to be in constant communication with each other. Your front desk needs to be connected at all times and so do your banquet sales, marketing, room service, housekeeping and kitchen. Most importantly, the customer journey needs to be impeccable, from start to finish.

  • Lareau – Insurance Brokers

    For three generations now, the Lareau team has been passionate about business risk management and insurance. Through each recommendation, each conversation and each analysis, our brokers are committed to providing unparalleled guidance that takes your situation and needs as a hotel operator into account. Lareau has established an exclusive program for your industry, with coverage tailored specifically to you.

  • Tourisme Montréal

    In addition to the numerous benefits linked to a membership to our organisation, Tourisme Montréal offers hotels to participate in diverse commercial activities and promotions. Whether it be hosting journalists or tour operators, participating in trade missions, becoming a partner in our Business, Leisure or Luxury campaigns, you can choose the format that best suits your property. Furthermore, our free training programs like the MTL Specialist will leave you with a better knowledge of Montreal and our events will open up new possibilities of partnerships with our more than 1000 members and partners.

  • Group Censeo

    Group Censeo, a specialized firm in group insurance and group annuities, is offering the AHGM members an “Association Plan” for group insurance and group annuities. Recognized for its expertise, Group Censeo stands out for its turnkey and tailor-made analysis model as well as its approach focused on health prevention.

    We strongly recommend that you contact them for your plan analysis or to obtain a quote for your hotel.


07 Corporate agreements

The AHGM develops privileged relationships with industry partners and promotes the hotels of Greater Montreal.

  • Fusion Énergie

    Specializing in energy intelligence, Fusion Énergie offers solutions for remote control and management of electromechanical equipment, making it possible to reduce energy consumption without in any way compromising the comfort of guests.

  • Naxella

    Naxella is a partner of the AHGM for credit card payment solutions. As brokers, the Naxella team will define your needs with you and negotiate a payment solution at the best price in the industry. Transparency, simplicity and customer education are at the heart of their corporate values. Naxella makes a point of explaining the intricacies and functioning of the payment industry in order to help their customers make an informed choice of supplier.

  • Preventia

    Preventia develops emergency preparedness plans, fire safety plans and business continuity strategies. We produce attractive and durable evacuation plan maps to display in your establishment. Hotel staff training is offered in a classroom setting or online, as you wish. Flexibility, professionalism and results-oriented efforts are all part of the 5-star Preventia experience!


08 Strategic partners

The AHGM has developed close relationships with industry partners and ensures that the hotels of Greater Montreal receive a high level of visibility among various stakeholders.

  • Partenaires-fournisseurs

    Le répertoire permet d’aller à la rencontre virtuelle de fournisseurs en hôtellerie représentant une variété de produits et services. Des pictogrammes identifient les entreprises québécoises, les produits transformés au Québec, les produits distribués au Québec, les entreprises écoresponsables et celles certifiées ISO. La fiche du fournisseur-partenaire met de l’avant les particularités de l’entreprise et présente les hôtels avec qui celle-ci collabore.

  • Kéroul

    The AHGM and Kéroul work together as partners to raise awareness among hoteliers about the importance of making sure their hotels are accessible to people with reduced mobility, thus ensuring the specific needs of this client segment are adequately met.

  • Tablée des Chefs

    La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit organization that feeds families in need and educates future generations by developing their food autonomy. Hotels can contribute to the organization by signing on to the Sustainable Food Brokerage Service.

  • Société de développement social

    The Société de Développement Social (SDS) is North America’s first social investment broker. It acts as a bridge between the business and community sectors. Its mission is to encourage companies and institutions to fulfill their social commitment by investing in concrete projects related to homelessness and social exclusion.


09 Board of directors

At the annual general meeting of members on March 25, 2021, a new member was elected.

Here is the AHGM’s board of directors for 2021-2022: