The pineapple came to be the symbol of hospitality and luxury due to its historical rarity. When Christopher Columbus arrived in Guadeloupe in 1493, he discovered this thirst-quenching fruit, which was offered to sailors by the island’s inhabitants to make them feel welcome. Impressed with its tangy sweetness, Columbus and his crew brought the pineapple back to Europe, where it became a symbol of wealth.

A series of tips

Like in a hotel

by the AHGM

To help you through this confinement period, the AHGM is presenting a series of short videos featuring hotel industry “heroes,” who will give you some simple tips on how to replicate the comforts of a hotel in your home.

  • Project Pineapple

    presented by AHGM
  • Lesson N• 01

    How to set a table

    with Kristof, Hôtel Le Crystal
  • Lesson N• 02

    How to make homemade pasta

    with Ivan, Hôtel W Montréal
  • Lesson N• 03

    How to stay safe

    with Christian, Loews Hôtel Vogue
  • Lesson N• 04

    How to make a G&T&P

    with Jean-Sébastien, Hôtel W Montréal
  • Lesson N• 05

    How to make a pineapple dessert

    with Oussama, Hôtel W Montréal
  • Lesson N• 06

    How to make your bed

    with Jean Philip, Hôtel Escad
  • Lesson N• 07

    How to fold toilet paper

    with Roméo, Hôtel Le Crystal
  • Lesson N• 08

    How to fold a tablecloth for a banquet

    with Rinu, Courtyard Marriott Montreal Downtown
  • Lesson N• 09

    How to make a pavlova

    with Roxanne, Hôtel Monville
  • Lesson N• 10

    How to fold sheets alone

    with Thobekile, Courtyard Marriott Montreal Downtown
  • Lesson N• 11

    How to make breakfast

    with Andriannie, Hotel Ruby Foo's
  • Lesson N• 12

    How to prepare a watermelon cocktail

    With Catherine, Hotel W Montréal
  • Lesson N• 13

    How to make
    a bloody caesar

    with Daniel, Hôtel Omni Mont-Royal
  • Lesson N• 14

    How to do a
    shoe shine

    with Catherine, ITHQ
  • Lesson N• 15

    How to make the famous
    DoubleTree cookie

    with Richard, Hôtel DoubleTree par Hilton Montréal