Luxury is what you make it

Konifer watches

The Quebec-based company Konifer, located in Saint-Tite, in the Mauricie region, produces watches made of natural wood. Each one is handcrafted from one single block, making each timepiece unique. Konifer offers about thirty models that retail from $160 to $500. F or each watch sold, the company undertakes to plant a tree.

A 100% electric motorbike

In 2014, LITO, which has its headquarters in Longueuil, was the first Canadian company to produce an all-electric motorcycle. The SORA is the result of a four-year collaboration between LITO’s engineers and designers, three universities and four research centres. The bike’s power and more-than-300 km range have made it a much sought-after item both here and abroad. Actor Daniel Dae Kim was stoked to be able to ride these hot-looking wheels in the Hawaii 5-0 television show (6th series). However, at US$82,250 each, this motorcycle is clearly not aimed at the mass market.

One-of-a-kind footwear

Trained as a boot maker, artisan Benoît Roy handcrafts high-end footwear in his Aux pieds du Roy workshop in Ayer’s Cliff, in the Eastern Townships. Customers choose a last (solid form around which a shoe is moulded) from among the 450 shapes offered, then select the colour and type of leather, the colour of the yarn and type of stitching, the style of heel, the shape of the toe (round, flat, pointed, square or other) and, finally, the sole they want. Thirty hours later, these made-to-order shoes will be ready for delivery.