Let your senses drift off on a boat that never leaves its mooring

Bold, original, visionary!

An apt description of the Emond family’s project back in 2008, when they acquired a boat in a dry dock with the intention of transforming it into a floating spa.

The entrepreneurs—sisters Geneviève and Natalie, and dad Daniel—refurbished the vessel and gave it an identity that would set it apart from all other spas. Its metamorphosis was entrusted to Sid Lee Architecture, a Montreal firm known worldwide for its creative talent. In fact, this project garnered Sid Lee a Gold Lion in the Design category at the 2011 Cannes Lions competition.

The spa-on-water has also adopted a host of eco-responsible practices. You won’t find any bottles or plastic bags there, and all its outdoor lighting systems use LED lights. In addition, an ingenious energy exchange heating and air conditioning system allows the spa to recover and reuse the energy used for other needs.

The 40,000 sq. ft. Bota Bota has 678 portholes, 6 terraces, 26 treatment rooms, cold baths, whirlpool baths, a steam room, saunas, a swimming pool and a restaurant! These facilities are spread over the five decks of the boat as well as an adjacent section on the mainland, the Bota Bota Gardens. Located in the Old Port, the spa offers a majestic view of not only the river but also Old Montreal and the city’s skyscrapers.

Bota Bota’s staff includes a dozen people who specialize in facial treatments, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. Another team of more than 130 professionals provide various massage therapy treatments.

Among the many packages available, we highly recommend the water circuit, a hydrotherapy experience that delivers benefits you may not even be aware of. The hydrotherapy sessions alternate between hot (a dry sauna or steam bath) and cold (a short dip in a cold bath or a cold shower), and end with a rest period in the relaxation areas to let your body and mind sink into a state of perfect bliss.

Combine this invigorating experience with a massage, body treatment or a gastronomic experience at La Traversée restaurant, and you’ll reach complete nirvana!

The Bota Bota floating spa is located to the left of Maison des Éclusiers in the Old Port, at the corner of De la Commune West and McGill Avenue.