The band is made up of three accomplished musicians

On April 27, 2018, at the Centre Phi in Montreal, CHANCES unveiled their first album, Traveler. I had the privilege of being in the audience that night and was transported by their music, which is at once embracing and explosive, delicate and powerful.

The band is made up of three accomplished musicians: Chloé Lacasse, Geneviève Toupin and Vincent Carré. Chloé and Geneviève write the lyrics and melodies, play keyboards and sing, while Vincent handles percussion and sampling. Their music, which mixes electro indie pop with a hint of ethnic influences, underpins the singers’ magnificent voices in soaring harmonies and solid a cappella passages.

During my interview with the CHANCES band members, we talked about the influence of women within the group and, more broadly, in the world of music, touching on the theme of this issue of Mt1642. They said that influence is most evident in the choice of themes for the songs and theirevocativelyrics. Both composers describe their writing as “a humanist voice seen through the eyes of Woman.” Their song Assez, I Said, which, portentously, was penned just before the rise of the #MeToo movement, is a message of affirmation and liberation. An excerpt:

Im sick of being praised

For all thats keeping me from being seen

And all those pious words and virtues

Starched and buttoned up real clean

Im sick of how its so quiet we dont notice

Weve gotta break away

Do Chloé and Geneviève look to any role models in the music world? The names of Marie-Jo Thério and Patti Smith immediately sprung to the minds of both women, not only because of their music but also for their powerful personalities. The CHANCES singers deplore that appearance still plays such a large role for women working in music. As female singers get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to continue to create and express themselves. But just as life evolves with them as they age, they could still make worthwhile contributions and reach such a wide audience! “Perhaps our generation of singers will be able to succeed in changing this image of women,” said Chloé and Geneviève.

I wish for them and for all of us success in helping to change this mindset.