Confessions of a concierge - Eddy Amoroso

Who better than the concierge of a major hotel to gauge the glamour of Montreal? With a 15-year career as a concierge for several prestigious hotels and now employed by Hotel Birks in Phillips Square, Eddy Amoroso says without hesitation:

“Montreal has everything for a luxury stay, and it is a side of its personality that just continues to develop. The city is rich in history, architecture, culture, gastronomy and services of all kinds...”

A member of Les Clefs d’Or, the international organization of concierges of the best hotels, Eddy is an expert on the topic of luxury services. He remembers a client who was in desperate need of a special type water, which was blessed by a rabbi. The catch? It could only be found in Israel! Less than 48 hours later, Eddy placed the water into the client’s hands!

He cites the example of another guest, who had to cancel his reservation at a very upscale Montreal restaurant at the last minute, but nevertheless wanted the meal to be served to his room. “Do you know of any high-end restaurants that deliver? I don’t,” said the concierge, laughing. He somehow managed to convince the restaurant’s owner to make an exception.

How did he do it? “Ah, now that would be telling,” he says. “But it sure was something to see the restaurant staff troop in with all those dishes!”

Eddy Amoroso’s suggestions

“For foodies, my first recommendation is always the hotel’s restaurant, the Henri Brasserie française, which features French comfort food in a sumptuous and typically Parisian decor. There’s also the Un Po’ di Piu, on De la Commune Street, a friendly, typical Italian café aperitivo.

“For a different type of outing, I like to suggest dog sledding in Mont-Tremblant or Saint-Hippolyte, or a relaxing getaway to the Strøm spa nordique, on L’Île-des-Sœurs.”