Grévin: a most entertaining museum!

Wax statues and stunning special effects

With its original decor and spectacular ambience, words can hardly do justice in describing what you’ll see at the extraordinary Grévin Museum.

Inaugurated in April 2013, the Montreal museum was the first MuséeGrévin property to open its doors outside France. Requiring an initial investment of $14 million, this magnificent museum boasts 21,527 square feet, where the public can get up close and personal with 125 of their favourite celebrities. Creating the lifelike stars and international figuresof yesterday and today and staging them in their spectacular settings required the skills of numerous creative and technological teams. The reconstituted scenes and stunning special effects are simply jaw dropping. Visitors can step right into some of the decors and, using the props and costumes made available to the public, strike a pose and snap a picture alongside their favourite big names.

The museum has eight themed rooms that take approximately 90 minutes to visit. Begin in the Hall of Wonder, where projections, optical illusions, mirrors, trompe-l’oeil, music and sound effects offer you an immersive experience into the magic of Quebec’s four seasons. See flowers grow out of the ceiling and Canadian forests transform as trees morph into candlesticks and waterfalls. Just a few steps away, the Paris-Quebec section replicates a TV set with famous actors from Quebec and France.

Your next stop is the Hall of Fame, where you might find the temperature a tad on the cool side. This is because the display features a full rink showcasing hockey superstars Mario Lemieux, Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau, Sidney Crosby and many others. If you want to warm up, you can step into the ring with Georges St-Pierre or practice your golf swing under the watchful eye of Tiger Woods.

Then it’s on to the Hotel Grévin, with its luxurious suites and remarkable rooms, each one more surprising and delightful than the last. The reconstruction of the room in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel where Yoko Ono and John Lennon staged their legendary bed-in for peace is impressive!

Your journey continues with a stop in New France, accompanied by Jacques Cartier aboard his ship. A little further away, you’ll meet Jean Talon, Jeanne Mance and Chomedey de Maisonneuve, who founded the city of Montreal.

In the museum’s newest theme room, dedicated to the Expos, you’ll find charismatic baseball superstar Gary Carter waiting to meet you. Take the opportunity to test the speed of your pitch.

Continue on to Belmont Park for a rollercoaster ride with Justin Bieber and see the famous Laughing Lady. You can also discover the steps involved in creating a character and make a wax replica of your hand!

After that, go behind the scenes of a real fashion show. Experience the excitement of the catwalk with model Naomi Campbell and designer Marie Saint Pierre.

Your tour ends with a glamorous reception in the Ballroom, where you can share the stage with a bevy of big stars, including Celine Dion crooning into her mic, Elton John on piano, Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Louis Armstrong on trumpet!

Guy Lafleur, Maurice Richard et compagnie

Vous arrivez ensuite au Temple des sports. C’est frais, car il y a une vraie patinoire sur laquelle prennent place Mario Lemieux, Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau, Sidney Crosby et plusieurs autres. Mais vous aurez chaud lorsque, plus loin, vous monterez dans le ring avec Georges St-Pierre ou lorsque vous comparerez votre élan à celui de Tiger Woods, pendant qu’il vous regarde.

Yoko Ono et John Lennon

Vous voilà maintenant à l’hôtel Grévin, constitué de suites somptueuses et de pièces insolites. Chaque chambre vous étonnera, comme celle où Yoko Ono et John Lennon ont fait leur bed-in pour la paix. La reconstitution de la chambre du Reine Élizabeth et de la scène vous émerveillera!

La Nouvelle-France

Puis c’est le tour de la Nouvelle-France, avec Jacques Cartier à bord de son navire. Non loin de là se trouve Jean Talon, suivi de Jeanne Mance et Chomedey de Maisonneuve, les fondateurs de Montréal.

Play Ball !

Dans La section Fièvre du baseball, Gary Carter vous attend, bien installé au centre d’un terrain impressionnant. Profitez-en pour tester la vitesse de votre lancer.

Parc Belmont

On continue avec le Parc Belmont pour un tour en montagnes russes avec Justin Bieber et pour saluer la célèbre Grosse femme qui rit. Apprenez-en plus sur les étapes de création d’un personnage, et faites faire votre main de cire!

Les coulisses

Vous entrez après dans Les coulisses d’un vrai défilé de mode. Vous vivrez cette exaltation en compagnie de la mannequin Naomi Campbell et de la designer Marie Saint Pierre.

Salle de bal

La visite se termine par une réception grandiose à la Salle de bal, où a lieu un spectacle donné par Céline Dion au micro, Elton John au piano, Jimi Hendrix à la guitare, Louis Armstrong à la trompette et plusieurs autres dont vous, comme artiste invité!

In a nutshell

The Musée Grévin was founded in Paris in 1882 by journalist Arthur Meyer, who named the museum after sculptor and costume designer Alfred Grévin.

It takes between three to six months of work to create a wax figure. The steps involved are: sculpture, moulding, implants and prosthetics, makeup, wardrobe and props. Sculpting a face alone requires 150 hours of work.

One wax statue requires 5 L of wax and 500,000 hairs. In many cases, the celebrities’ personal hairstylists are involved in the creation.

705 Sainte-Catherine Street West – 5th floor, Eaton Centre