Diversity has a home in Montreal

Volume three, No 08 - DIVERSITY

At a time when the words “diversity” and “inclusion” are making headlines around the world, the Montréal depuis 1642team is proud to present our summer issue, which explores what these words mean in the daily lives of Montrealers.

If there’s one city on this planet that knows a thing or two about diversity, it’s Montreal. With more than 120 cultural communities represented here, it’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. In fact, more than one in three Montrealers was born outside Canada.

Does this cultural diversity enrich Montreal?

The answer is a resounding “yes,” as you’ll appreciate when you read the magazine.

And though the wellspring of this impressive diversity is Montreal’s international population base, it must be said that “old-stock” Montrealers themselves have a strong appetite for plurality and all things different. You can see this on display in every district, in every neighbourhood and even on every street.

As well as on every page in this magazine!

Whatever the art form—gastronomy, fashion, festivals, architecture, exhibitions, shops or anything else—diversity is all around us in this city, to the benefit of everyone.

It’s clearly what energizes Montreal and also what makes it one of the most creative and interesting cities you’ll ever visit, whether you come for a few days or call it home.

But no matter where you wander in this city, the welcome you’ll receive will be invariably warm and inviting!

On behalf of the entire team, happy reading and enjoy discovering one of our richest natural resources: our diversity!

Eve Paré

Hotel Association of Greater Montreal