Maison Jacynthe

Naturally vegan!

Her love and respect for animals prompted actress and author Jacynthe René to produce natural beauty products that don’t involve animals in any part of the process.

In 2014, she and her husband, Sylvain Garon, launched their first four products. They were so well received that the couple decided to found Maison Jacynthe and went on to create many more 100% vegan products. Today, Maison Jacynthe boasts five boutiques and offers a wide array of nearly 200 products ranging from skin care lines, fragrances and cosmetics to accessories, including brushes made of synthetic hair.

Visitors to the Maison Jacynthe shops will also find reusable bags, Jacynthe René’s books and edible products, such as a wide variety of scrumptious salads and an exceptional and locally produced tamari sauce.