The survival of our planet plays out in Laval

Escape room

After the first escape room was created in Japan, the concept soon spread to Hungary, which became theMecca for this immersive, high-adrenaline activity. Today, North America boasts scores of top-tier escape game outfits, many of which are located in Laval!


Codex stands out for its original and immersive “no-locks” escape games. Amateur sleuths can choose missions with themes related to space, horror or Vikings.

Le Cube Secret

Another one is Le Cube Secret, a huge and mysterious, metallic, two-storey cube. Participants must discover the secret tale that links the four New York characters who lived in the cube’s apartments.


Experience the biggest escape game complex in the world at Escaparium. These unique and totally immersive games are chock fullof premium special effects.


At X-Cape, you can choose one of three adventures: saving the world from a deadly virus, exploring a haunted mansion or defusing a bomb.


If you like ghost stories, Immersia invites you into the mythical and soon-to-be-demolished Piccadilly Cabaret. Rumours abound that the dressing roomof afamous diva was condemned and is now inaccessible.Will you find it and, if so, will you get out alive?


Discover the history of Laval as you attempt to escape the immersive rooms of Échappe-toi. Exciting scenarios plunge you into the shadowy world of diamond traffickingor into the shifty locker-room dealings behind the scenes of a famous baseball team.