Stepping out in Montreal!

Feet itching to move? How about an evening of dance to get the circulation going? After all, dancing is good for both mind and body. Plus it’s a great way to forget your troubles for a while!

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an excuse to stay in, you won’t be able to plead a shortage of clubs and rooms here, because Montreal is a dance mecca. It matters not a whit whether you’re a pro, an amateur, beginner or expert, interested in ballroom, modern, urban, line, disco, ballet or any other style... you’re sure to find a dance floor to please you.

Here are a few suggestions.

Let’s begin with Cat’s Corner, located at 3451 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, the perfect spot for fans of swing, Charleston or tap.

If you’re more of a conventional ballroom dancer, you could head over to the Le Rendez-Vous nightclub, at 6566 Jarry Street East, or drop by the Hélios dance hall at 6394 Saint-Hubert Street, which is celebrating its 52nd anniversary this year.

For enthusiasts of urban dance who want to perfect their technique, the Urban-Element Zone, 7577 Saint-Hubert Street, lets you work on a range of dance moves, from break, to hip-hop, locking, house and many others.

Every wanted to give pole dancing a try? You’d better be fit, because this style of dance borders on gymnastics. If you’re tempted, the Milan Pole Dance Studio, at 50 Saint-Jacques Street, is the place to go.

If you’d rather move to a Latin rhythm, you’ll want to mambo your booty over to Latin Groove, 1184 Sainte-Catherine Street West, where you can salsa and kizomba the night away.

If you’re looking for an LGBTQ dance venue, check out the Club Unity night club, located at 1171 Sainte-Catherine Street East; Studio Arc-en-ciel, at 1850 Bercy Street; or Club Bolo – Danse Country Montréal, which is both a school and country dance hall, at 2093 Visitation Street.