MT1642 playlist – Summer 2019

Special collaborator: Geneviève Venne, Montréal musiocophile

Geneviève shares her love for Quebec culture through her involvement in the city’s most prestigious cultural events. This passion also informs her work as a researcher and media columnist. Affectionately known as a walking jukebox, she is the go-to person for creating personalized lists of musical suggestions.

Montreal’s unique reality embodies an array of languages, styles and colours.

Here are 10 songs that explore the rainbow of Montreal’s identity... [depuis 1642]:

1. Ton hôtel– HUBERT LENOIR (Darlène)

2. Rise– DOMINIQUE FILS-AIMÉ (Nameless)

3. Lesbian Break-up Song, in collab. with La Force – SAFIA NOLIN (Dans le noir)

4. Dans la nuit– CŒUR DE PIRATE (En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé)

5. Lo que soy– NOMADIC MASSIVE (MiwaEP)

6. Out of the Sky– RANDOM RECIPE (Distractions)

7. OMG– CLAY AND FRIENDS (La musica popular de Verdun)

8. No Fight– OURI, in collab. with Munya (Superficial)

9. You Are Never Alone– SOCALLED, in collab. with C-Rayz, Doris Glaspie and Katie Moore (Ghettoblaster)

10. Sowia– POIRIER, in collab. with Samito (Be Alright)