Volume one, No 1 - LIGHT AND WARMTH

Our team is flush with adrenaline, excitement and, above all, pride to see the publication of the first issue of Montreal, since 1642!

Putting together this magazine has been a colossal task. The first challenge was determining the subjects we would present, which, given the infinite number of things going on in this city, was no mean feat!

The 375 years of Montreal’s history, which we are celebrating this year, have left their mark on this unique city, this French corner of North America, where 120 communities live together in harmony.

Montreal is an effervescent island, buzzing with creativity, knowledge, technology, festivities and an intense zest for life.

Through the eyes of Montrealers, Montreal, since 1642, offers a taste of the warmth and light that shines in people’s hearts, heads and in the various neighbourhoods of the city. Inviting you behind the scenes of this extraordinary, vast stage to see and discover this city from a variety of different angles was the essence of our first mandate.

Behind every great city, there are incredible women and men: here are some of them on their turf. I sincerely hope you have as much pleasure discovering them as we have had producing their stories.

Happy reading!

Eve Paré
Hotel Association of Greater Montreal