Volume two, No 06 - A FEMININE TOUCH

Jean-Pierre Ferland sang:

Montréal est une femme

Une femme bleu, blanc, blues

Je ne peux pas me passer d’elle…

(Montreal is a woman

A blue, white, blues woman

I can’t do without her…)

It’s a beautiful tribute by a great singer-songwriter, not only to Montreal but to all women. And it’s well deserved!

He can’t do without her, writes Ferland. On the other hand, Montreal can’t do without all its extraordinary women!

This incredible city wouldn’t be what it is today without the contribution of women, beginning with Jeanne Mance, who co-founded Montreal in 1642. Since then, every era has been marked by the passion, commitment, genius and determination of countless remarkable women.

This edition is a tip of the hat to all the legendary female figures of yesterday and today. Mt1642 is particularly proud to present some of the notable women who built the city and to better acquaint you with those who carry the torch and continue to establish Quebec’s metropolis as a unique, friendly and attractive destination for tourists from around the globe.

As you meet the amazing women who make Montreal their home, you’ll also discover must-visit spots to check out and explore, from designer boutiques and restaurants to cultural and sports centres.

And since it’s the fall, Mt1642 also has a few suggestions for seasonal outings. Set your sights high at one of the many observation posts perched in the Montreal sky. It’s a thrilling way of contemplating this beautiful city in her splendid fall colours.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about and, more importantly, visiting this fascinating city!

Eve Paré

Hotel Association of Greater Montreal