Montreal, the supermarket of nations

Taste the world!

Like any self-respecting traveller, you always return from your trip with photos and a few keepsakes—clothing, artworks, jewellery, trinkets or other mementos—tucked into your luggage. But some of the souvenirs you bring back are neither tangible nor visible.

These exist as memories of amazing experiences. The sights, sounds and smells you experienced; that incredible meal you ate, the one you declared was absolutely the best you’ve ever eaten in your whole life.

You brought this unique flavour back in your mind. And, just like your cherished photos, knickknacks other vacation souvenirs, you want to share it with friends, you want to recreate this delectable food experience yourself.

But you need real-deal ingredients, and Asia’s just a little too far to go shopping for supper!

No worries! Montreal is the supermarket of nations. Whatever the continent or country that left its culinary mark on you, you’ll find everything you need (or almost) in a grocery store right here in Montreal. If you’re looking for a particular spice, dough, sauce, vegetable, meat or other magical ingredient to give your dish an authenticflavour, the island of Montreal is teeming with ethnic grocery stores where you can hunt down all the supplies you need.

It would be an impossible task to list all the city’s ethnic grocery stores, as every cultural community on the island—more than 120—boasts its own ethnic food stores that cater to its specific culture.

Taste the world in Montreal!


Boucherie Atlantique

Local and European products: meat (leberkäse, sausages, schnitzel), sauerkraut, pasta, cheese, desserts, as well as magazines and newspapers, including Der Spiegeland Freizeit Revue.

5060 Côte-des-Neiges Road


Marché Méli-Mélo Caraïbe (since 1983)

A grocery store, restaurant and gathering place that sells a variety of products imported from Haiti, including fruits, vegetables, plantains, spices and Creole seasonings, as well as cosmetics, music and more.

640 Jarry Street East


Marché oriental St-Denis (since 1980)

Meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, assorted teas and many products imported from Vietnam, Thailand and China.

7101 Saint-Denis Street

Épicerie Pumpui (since 2017)

More of a counter-service curry shop than grocery store. A selection of natural products imported from Thailand, from food, such as curry and kafae boran, to personal care items, including balms and oils.

83 Saint-Zotique Street (Little Italy)


Épicerie L’Española (since 1964)

Food products, cosmetics, kitchen accessories, magazines and newspapers from Spain. Specialities: Iberian ham (Serrano, Joselito), olives, olive oil (Andalusian) and cheese.

3811 Saint-Laurent Boulevard


Dhillon Brothers Grocery

One of the best places in Montreal to buy Indian groceries. Spices (garam massala, tandoori, etc.), preserves, bread, mangoes (Alphonso and Kesar), vegetables, betel leaves and other traditional products.

775 Jean-Talon Street West (Parc-Extension)


Milano (since 1954)

Italian speciality groceries

A large assortment of olives, fresh pasta, sausages, olive oil and imported products.

6862 Saint-Laurent Boulevard (Little Italy)


Épicerie Soares et fils

A grocery store/butcher shop specialized in Portuguese and Brazilian products, including a vast selection of artisan sausages, chorizo and ham.

130 Duluth Street East


Délices du Maghreb

Grocery store/butcher shop offering Maghrebi halal products.

Specialities: khlii, Moroccan spices, merguez, pastries.

5627 A Côte-des-Neiges Road


Sabor Latino

Latin-American grocery store

Hispanic products (cheese, taco meat, Argentine sausages and pastries) from South America, including Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia.

4387 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

6955 Saint-Hubert Street


Épicerie Saint-Pétersbourg (since 2005)

A wide variety of products imported from Russia and Eastern Europe, including sausages, fish, sauces, cheeses, chocolate and sweets. Also offers typical Russian ready-to-eat dishes.

5584 A Sherbrooke Street

7561 Newman Boulevard

3631 Taschereau Boulevard