Montreal is the place for families!

In 2013, the Family Vacation Critic website ranked Montreal as the second best family destination in the world. But enlightened vacationers already know this, having made Montreal the second most travelled city in Canada in 2011. What’s more, according to the 2014 Tourisme familial à Montréal (family tourism in Montreal) report, 85% of these visiting families would recommend Montreal to other families, parents and friends.

There are a variety of factors to explain the great attraction Quebec’s largest city holds for visitors. To begin with, there’s the feeling of personal safety, which, incidentally, is supported by the British magazine The Economist, whose Safe Cities Index 2015 report listed Montreal second in their compilation of the 25 safest cities in the world.

The atmosphere of the city, the courtesy of hospitality staff and the friendly reception from the city’s inhabitants are other important factors that were mentioned by families when surveyed about the city. To be sure, the great variety of entertainment options offered in Montreal is a key reason families choose this city as their vacation destination. And it has to be said that on this front, Montreal boasts an embarrassment of riches. The catalogue of pleasures offered on the island can be summed up in three words: abundance, diversity and originality.

Examples include museums (60), theatres (30), parks (40), swimming spots, water games, bike and in-line skating paths, outdoor shows, festivals, public entertainers, rock climbing sites, archaeological sites (230), astronomy sites and places to observe and interact with animals. And we’d be remiss in not mentioning all the shops and restaurants that specialize and take great joy in catering to a young clientele!

For parents or grandparents, children or teenagers, the timid or the fearless, and on both sunny and rainy days, Montreal is a vast, 431 km2 “amusement park,” an inexhaustible source of recreational activities.

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