Restaurant Tapeo: Spain tastes different with Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

To think there are journalists who chew their nails to the quick as deadline approaches! They’ve never met dynamo Marie-Fleur St-Pierre! She’s the executive chef at Tapeo restaurant, the co-owner and chef of Mesón restaurant, an author, blogger, television show host and the mother of two. Phew!

And she doesn’t miss a beat. No detail gets overlooked. You’ll see for yourself when you visit Tapeo, especially if you like Spanish food, because chef Marie-Fleur will make you discover Spain like you never imagined. You’ll swoon for her tapas, which include such wonders as octopus and sweet potato, vine tomatoes, grilled chorizo and garlic shrimp.

Only, don’t expect elaborate presentations; they’re not Marie-Fleur’s style. She’ll tell you that she’s a chef who cooks by heart, not by formal technique, and that the simplicity of her presentation actually belies a complex blend of flavours that she creates guided primarily by her inspiration.

The Tapeo Fund

To give back to the community that has participated in Tapeo’s growth over the years, in 2014, the restaurant’s management decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary by creating the Tapeo Urban Design Fund of Villeray. Funds are raised from the sale of a new tapas developed and prepared by Marie-Fleur each month. The profits from the sale of the “dish of the month” support various local citizen beautification initiatives.


511 Villeray St.