Consider yourself a festival junkie? Think you could rise to the challenge of taking part in every festival and public activity on offer in Montreal for a period of one year?

You sure?

If you answered “Why the heck not?” you’d better be in good shape, because you’re in for a marathon! If you count only the biggest ones, you’re looking at over a hundred.

Montreal is known as one of the cities with the most festivals on the planet. According to a 2010 study conducted by Lonely Planet, Montreal was voted the second happiest city in the world. CNN Travel ranked it seventh in the world in 2014 and Thrillist gave it the nod in 2016.

The sheer number of cultural and festive events presented here surely has a lot to do with this worldwide recognition, but quality is also a factor. Montreal is fertile ground for emerging creative talent, and this is reflected on all the city’s indoor and outdoor stages.

And most producers can count on invaluable support from scores of public and private sponsors, which allows them to offer diversified, high quality events.

From comedy to music, theatre, poetry, literature, circus, dance, sport, and both digital and mural art, there’s something for absolutely everyone, both in the dead of winter and the heat waves of summer.

Montreal is a year-round party!