Montreal unfurls a glorious rainbow of colour and flavour

Volume one, No 03 - HARVESTS

Here we are at the third and final edition ofthe year for Montréal, depuis 1642 (Mtl1642). It’s crazy how quickly the seasons fly by… I can hardly believe it’s fall already!

Fall, with its explosion of colours and flavours, which make Montreal a city both to admire and to savour. It’s harvest time! And that’s the theme that has inspired this latest edition.

While it may not be immediately apparent, hidden behind Montreal’s image as a major urban centre is a hive of agricultural activity that’s really worth discovering. Thousands of women and men engage in some form of agricultural production in the city, for both pleasure and business.

Rooftops, terraces, yards, alleyways and community gardens all serve asproductive green spaces. And come harvest time, the bounty of fall permeates every corner of the city.

In the pages that follow, Mtl1642 describes the scenes that have played out in all its neighbourhoods for hundreds of years. The cast of characters has, of course, changed, but they all remain fired by the same passion. You’ll discover how the season of miracles influences Montrealers, growers, agronomists, restaurateurs, cooks, designers, historians and other proud artisans alike.

Even while we take you on a grand tour of agricultural Montreal, we’d still like to shine the spotlight on others who are just as passionate about their work. Whether you’re an art lover, bookworm, antique hunter, vinyl record enthusiast or fan of autumn walks and outings with the family, we hope you’ll enjoy discovering the people and places featured in this latest edition of Mtl1642.

Happy reading!

Eve Paré

Hotel Association of Greater Montreal