The Earth is talking, and Montreal is listening

La Terre nous parle, et Montréal lui répond!

Since July 29, the world has been living on credit. According to a report by the well-respected Global Footprint Network, that date marked the moment when our demand for natural resources and our production of greenhouse gases began to exceed what the Earth is able to regenerate or absorb this year.

After squeezing the Earth dry like a lemon for the first seven months of the year, we have to live beyond our means for the last five. No wonder our creditor is showing signs of impatience.

Torrential rains, floods, heat waves, the extinction of animal and plant species... these are all warnings. They Earth is talking to us.

Montreal isn’t turning a deaf ear to our planet’s SOS. We are now in a state of emergency that’s causing a groundswell of people to take action. The time for talk is over. In the last few years, scores of stimulating, encouraging and incredibly inspiring eco-responsible initiatives have been launched in every corner of the city.

In this fall issue, the Mt1642team is enormously proud to present some of the Montrealers behind many of these promising initiatives that are providing beacons of hope.

Our pleasure in meeting these individuals is only matched by the joy we have in introducing them to you today. We suspect that learning about them and what they do will strengthen your own personal resolve to care for our planet.

Eco-responsible practices, food sustainability, social responsibility.

All lovely terms... whose full worth is only substantiated when accompanied by concrete actions. Here are a few!


Eve Paré

Hotel Association of Greater Montreal