01 Categories

  • Stroke of Genius
  • HR with Heart
  • Bright Idea NEW!
  • The First Star
  • Social Responsibility New description!
  • Montreal, Welcoming City, presented by Tourisme Montréal

02 Jury

The entries were evaluated by an independent jury made up of experts from different areas of the tourism industry.


03 Dates

  • 16 August 2019
    Deadline for project submissions
  • 06 September 2019
    Unveiling of finalists at the members’ meeting (management only)
  • 24 October 2019
    Awards ceremony evening

04 Eligibility rules and conditions

  1. Only members in good standing of the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal (AHGM) may enter the Competition.
  2. All submitted projects must have been completed between August 17, 2018 and August 16, 2019.
  3. Projects must be one-off, innovative and not based on existing programs.
  4. For each project, the establishment must submit the information required, using the form provided for this purpose, no later than Friday, August 16, 2019, 4 p.m.
  5. The AHGM reserves the right to launch a call for submissions in one or more categories of the Competition if the number of projects submitted is insufficient.
  6. In the event that an insufficient number of applications is received for any one of the Competition categories, the AHGM may cancel the said category.
  7. Candidates must provide the required material (5 to 10 royalty-free, professional quality images, video if available and the establishment’s logo) when submitting an application.
  8. All submissions are evaluated by an external and impartial jury of industry professionals.
  9. The AHGM judges the eligibility of the applications and reserves the right to reject a submission for any reason whatsoever.
  10. In each category, the jury is tasked with unanimously selecting the finalist projects and the winner.


  1. The application form must be completed and submitted within the prescribed time limit.
  2. Projects must be presented in French.
  3. The description of each project submitted must be between 300 and 500 words.

05 Why participate?

The Hotelia Awards provide a platform to celebrate your establishment as they offer opportunities to:

  • Showcase the quality of your projects through the recognition by an independent jury of tourism industry professionals;
  • Establish or boost your establishment’s reputation;
  • Share and pass on your pride and passion for the profession;
  • Acknowledge the work of your teams and increase your employees’ sense of belonging;
  • Benefit from the visibility offered to finalists and winners at the awards ceremony and through the various promotional tools (press release, website, social media, targeted media, members’ newsletter).

06 Tips and advice for writing

  • Short, precise and well-written texts are always more appealing;
  • The quality of the French and of the images is essential;
  • The evaluation criteria must be reflected in the submission;
  • Jurors particularly appreciate comprehensive submissions that portray the project in as many dimensions as possible.

07 Steps to follow

  1. Read the rules and eligibility requirements;
  2. Carefully read the category descriptions (they may change from year to year) and especially the criteria for each one;
  3. Determine which project(s) you would like to submit to the Hotelia Awards Competition;
  4. Submit each project description by completing the fields on the online form;
  5. Upload your establishment’s logo and any supporting photos for each project;
  6. You will receive an email acknowledging reception of your application, which might include a request for clarification or correction, if necessary;
  7. Be sure to note the Competition’s key dates;
  8. Keep an eye on your email inbox for inquiries and instructions.

Note: If your project is selected as a finalist, the description you submitted may be modified and used on social media and at the awards ceremony.