01 Building a Data-Driven Recovery Strategy, by TravelClick

Today’s hoteliers are facing unprecedented challenges in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. When considering how to move forward, you may find yourself contemplating many questions:

  • How can you effectively identify when your market is starting to recover?
  • What will traveler expectations look like?
  • What will market demand look like and how can you capture your share of business?

Join Amadeus as we explore data-driven key Montreal and Canadian market insights, identify areas for consideration, and outline best practices for crafting and implementing the ideal recovery plan for your business.


02 John Hach

Senior Industry Analyst


03 About TravelClick

As a trusted hotel partner with more than three decades of industry experience, TravelClick offers innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions that help hotels around the world to maximize revenue. More than 25,000 customers are driving better business decisions to know, acquire, convert and retain guests through our interconnected suite of solutions – Business Intelligence, Reservations & Booking Engine, Media, Web & Video and Guest Management. Hotels also benefit from leveraging our more than 600 travel-focused partnerships.

With our worldwide presence, we have a deep understanding of local markets along with a global perspective that drives optimum results for the hotels we serve.

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