01 Our positioning is unique, and we stand out on several fronts as our clients:

  • Benefit from significant savings estimated at between 30% and 50%
  • Know their energy consumption daily, in real time
  • Benefit from our control algorithms, which are modeled and developed in-house
  • Are able to optimize their mechanical and electrical systems
  • Feel safe thanks to our 24/7 alerts in case of irregularities or equipment breakdowns
  • Can avail themselves of our financing/leasing support
  • Benefit from our grant management expertise and our 100% rate of success
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of calls and interventions with our monthly service
  • Understand the importance we place on creating active energy-saving programs adapted to their environment.

02 Concrete results for you

  • Annual reductions in your energy costs
  • An increase in the value of your property/hotel
  • Occupants who are delighted by the comfort offered by your establishment
  • A reduction in your ecological footprint.

Once available in abundance, energy is now becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. In the context of rising uncertainties in the energy sector, Fusion Énergie:

  • Completed more than 200 energy intelligence projects
  • Obtained returns on investment (ROI) for its clients within less than 4 years
  • Generated substantial savings to the tune of an average of 40%.

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